The Best Cocktail Bars in Cincinnati

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If you live in Cincinnati and enjoy cocktails, you’re in luck since Queen City has dozens of new cocktail bars sprinkled about serving up tasty cocktails.

Cocktail bars flourish in many neighborhoods, ranging from hidden speakeasy-style pubs to rooftop terraces where you may have a drink.

We have created a comprehensive list of Cincinnati’s best cocktail bars in this post.

Cocktail Bars on a Map

The following map shows the locations of all of the cocktail bars mentioned in this post:


Anjou, a high-end cocktail bar in East Walnut Hills, serves a delightful variety of drinks and spirits in a comfortable atmosphere.

Address: 2804 Woodburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Website Address: Anjou

The Blind Lemon

During the summer, the Blind Lemon, situated in the Mt. Adams neighborhood, is known for its distinctive outdoor patio, where you can enjoy cocktails and live music.

Address: 936 Hatch Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: The Blind Lemon

Cobblestone OTR

In Over-The-Rhine, Cobblestone OTR, a cocktail bar, delivers amazing beverages in a modern setting.

Address: 1132 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Cobblestone OTR

Cocktail Terrace at 21C Museum Hotel

A hidden elevator inside the 21c Museum Hotel in Downtown Cincinnati takes you to the 21c Beverage rooftop terrace, which has 75 chairs and offers spectacular views of the city while you sip a cocktail.

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Address: 609 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Cocktail Terrace’s website

Comfort Station

A cocktail bar with plants and skylights in Walnut Hills also features a spacious outside patio where you may enjoy beverages during the summer.

Address: 793 East McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Website Address: Comfort Station

Ghost Baby

Ghost Baby is an Over-The-Rhine underground bar that serves an excellent selection of cocktails and other drinks, which you can often enjoy while listening to live music.

Address: 1314 Republic St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Ghost Baby

Homemakers Bar

Because of its dynamic atmosphere and broad drink selection, Bar for Housewives Homemakers Bar is a popular spot in OTR for cocktails and other drinks.

Address: 39 E 13th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Homemakers Bar


Igby’s, with its premium ambiance, outstanding service, and wide seating areas, is a favorite destination for cocktails in Downtown Cincinnati.

Address: 122 E 6th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Igby’s


Japp’s is known for its laid-back environment, where you can enjoy traditional and artisan beverages created by professional bartenders on one of OTR’s busiest streets.

Address: 1134 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Japp’s

Karrikin Spirits

Karrikin is a “full-service grain to glass distillery” restaurant situated in Fairfax. It is home to Ohio’s largest copper pot still, launched in 2017.

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Address: 3717 Jonlen Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45227

Website: Karrikin Spirits

Night Drop

A shady East Walnut Hills speakeasy-style bar offers a varied drink menu in a darkly lit setting.

Address: 1535 Madison Rd Apt 2 Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Website Address: Night Drop

The Overlook Lodge

The Overlook Lodge is a unique pub in Pleasant Ridge that serves cocktails and a variety of other drinks and is modelled after the bar from The Shining.

Address: 6083 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45213

Website Address: The Overlook Lodge


SAESO is the smallest cocktail bar on this list, but it’s full of character. This is a wonderful spot for a drink or two with a small party in a cozy environment, with a limited menu and a welcoming atmosphere.

Address: 1208 Sycamore Street Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: SAESO

Somerset Bar

Somerset is one of Queen City’s most unusual cocktail bars, located on the north end of Over-The-Rhine in a large exotic garden and conservatory.

Address: 139 East McMicken Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Somerset Bar

Sundry and Vice

Sundry and Vice, a cocktail establishment in Washington Park in OTR that touts itself as a “purveyor of superb tinctures, tonics, and elixirs,” is a block from Washington Park.

Address: 18 W 13th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Sundry and Vice

Three Spirits Tavern

Three Spirits Pub is a charming locally owned and operated pub in Bellevue, Kentucky, known for its specialty cocktails and light cuisine menu.

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Address: 209 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue, Kentucky 41073

Website Address: Three Spirits Tavern

Top of the Park

Top of the Park, perched atop the Phelps in downtown Cincinnati, offers a rooftop cocktail experience with excellent city views.

Address: 506 E 4th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Top of the Park

Wiseguy Lounge

Wiseguy Lounge is a cocktail lounge in OTR, Covington, and Pleasant Ridge, located above the Goodfella’s Pizzeria restaurants. Here you can order a variety of classic and unique cocktails.

Address: 1211 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Wiseguy Lounge

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