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Cloud 9 Sushi offers much more than just sushi! Cloud 9 Sushi is a compact and quiet restaurant serving Japanese cuisine with a welcoming ambiance. As you settle into the down-to-earth ambiance and allow the wonderful sensations to surround you, you will feel as if you have stepped into a little bit of heaven.

It is located at 1018 Delta Ave and looks like an ordinary place serving extraordinary delicious food. This article will tell you all about the restaurant in terms of service, delivery, ambiance, and food, so head below to check it out.  


Cloud Nine Sushi’s courteous team is passionate about food, just like you. They provide a diverse selection of delicious foods to enjoy. So even though it might get crowded, there is never a shortage of delicious food and excellent company.

A wide variety of delicious appetizers are available. Suppose nothing on the appetizer menu appeals to you. In that case, there is also a large selection of salads and soups to choose from as an alternative. But beware: their soups are filling enough to serve as the main course! Any soup enthusiast will undoubtedly find something they like in flavors like Ramen Spicy Seafood and Udon (traditional Japanese soup). 


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The restaurant serves a huge variety of Japanese and Asian cuisines. Both cuisines are equally tempting, giving you a tough time while ordering. Besides sushi, they serve popular items such as Chicken Katsu and even Teriyaki Salmon as main courses. Regular clients prefer the hot orange County roll and the delectable spicy Red Double roll. They have non-spicy rolls for individuals with sensitive stomachs, so why not try Cloud Nine Sushi for lunch or dinner one day?

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Cloud 9 offers something for everyone on its menu, with specialties like wasabi shrimp, fried calamari, gyoza, chicken skewers, and more than 15 different signature sushi rolls to choose from. They are well-known for being a popular late-night hangout, as shown by their operating hours, which are until 2 a.m. on weekdays and until 4 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively. Apart from offering a broad cuisine, they also provide a wide selection of cocktails and specialty drinks to support their menu. In addition to the environment and the food’s distinct, fresh flavor, Cloud 9 Sushi is a must-visit place for sushi lovers.


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The Sunday Morning Roll is a favorite among the locals. However, one of their signature rolls, the C9 Supreme Roll, is also popular among customers. As soon as it is served, this delicious roll stuffed with tempura shrimp and spicy crab is transformed into a classic. Cloud 9 Sushi employs innovative techniques to enhance flavors and carry your taste buds on a magical journey.

Check out the menu for a wide range of delicious appetizers, soups, rolls, and entrees to satisfy your hunger. You can finish your dinner with mochi ice cream, a typical Japanese treat. It is like eating ice cream within a thin rice cake with precisely matched flavors, and your taste buds and stomach will be in heaven after eating it!


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Cloud 9 Sushi is widely regarded as one of the most incredible places to get high-quality sushi at a reasonable price. Cloud 9 Sushi has a beginning price of only $5, which is unusual in the sushi industry! It gives this restaurant better than its competitors due to its reasonable rates across the board, because who does not want to save money on their dining experience? In bars and restaurants, customer service is essential, and if you want to eat some comfort food, you will need an attentive waiter from time to time. Cloud 9 Sushi s well-known for providing high-quality customer service, having a cooperative team, and, most importantly, providing prompt service.

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To improve the overall quality of your experience, a welcoming environment is essential. Sometimes the presentation is more important than the dish itself. It offers you a place to relax and unwind more than anywhere else. A family-friendly setting is provided by the restaurant’s small size, indoor and outdoor dining options, and indoor and outdoor seating.


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What better way to finish a fantastic sushi dinner than with a glass of energetic cocktail in hand? However, the thought of pulling yourself out of the restaurant and into a bar sounds difficult. At Cloud 9 Sushi, however, this is not the case because they have a cocktail bar directly next to their seating area. Cloud 9 Sushi has an extensive wine list to pick from, and its drink menu rivals that of any other sushi restaurant in town. The quantity of food that Cloud 9 Sushi serves is the most impressive and enjoyable. That is why their menu card is so reasonably priced.



Visiting Cloud 9 Sushi is a must-do if you want quality, quantity, and ambiance all rolled into one delicious platter of sushi. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Cincinnati, and you can see why. Along with excellent food, you will have a wonderful dining experience. In addition to being a terrific spot to hang out with friends and family. What else could you possibly desire? This establishment is definitely worth checking out, and there is a good chance it will become your new favorite hangout. Once you give it a try, you will thank us twice as much.

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