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The city of Cincinnati is home to a diverse collection of parks. Whether you are looking for quiet parks with plenty of places to relax and read, parks with wooded sections that are wonderful for hiking, or parks with paved paths that are fantastic for walking, the Queen City has a variety of parks that are great for a variety of reasons.

And, while there is a comprehensive list of wonderful parks throughout the city, we believe that a handful stands out above the rest of them. In this piece, we’ll go through the top ten parks in the Cincinnati area.

Parks Maps

Listed below is a map showing the locations of each of the parks discussed in this article:

Alms Park

Address: 710 Tusculum Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226 (Columbia-Tusculum)

Alms Park, located atop Mt. Tusculum on the city’s east side, has breathtaking views of the Ohio River, the Little Miami River, the hills of northern Kentucky, and the Lunken Airport. A total of 94 acres are dedicated to the park, including several hiking paths, a playground, picnic spaces, a pavilion reserved for events, and several breathtaking overlook locations.

See our Alms Park travel guide for a comprehensive look at the area.

Ault Park

Address: 5090 Observatory Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208 (Mt. Lookout)

A well-known park in all of Cincinnati, Ault Park is one of the most well-known parks in the entire city. This park in the Mt. Vantage neighborhood has more than 224 acres and features paved walking routes, a gorgeous garden, picnic spaces, a vast network of hiking trails, a pavilion, and an outstanding lookout point. Ault Park offers plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re looking to go hiking, picnicking, or just taking a leisurely walk around the grounds.

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Devou Park

Address: 1201 Park Dr, Covington, KY 41011 (Covington, KY)

Devou Park, located across the Ohio River near Covington, is a vast park that encompasses more than 700 acres. It has a variety of hiking routes, paved walking paths, biking trails, a fishing pond, and numerous benches and seating spaces around the park where you can sit and take in some fresh air and scenery. As well as a park, it is home to one of the top golf courses in the Cincinnati area, renowned for providing multiple breathtaking views of the city skyline from various points on the course.

Eden Park

Address: 950 Eden Park Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Mt. Adams)

In addition to Eden Park, another well-known park in the city and offers some spectacular views of the Ohio River and Northern Kentucky, the park is a popular destination for locals and visitors. In addition to various hiking routes and a basketball court, there is lots of green space for picnicking, the Krohn Conservatory, and the Seasongood Pavilion. The park, located on the fringes of the Mt. Adams neighborhood and covers an area of 186 acres, is a popular destination for families.

Visit this page for a comprehensive guide to Eden Park.

French Park

Address: 3012 Section Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45237 (Amberley)

French Park, located in Amberley, is one of Cincinnati’s best-kept secrets for natural beauty. The park, encompassing 275 acres, is home to several noteworthy attractions, including a magnificent two-story brick building known as The French House, a variety of hiking routes, and a picnic shelter equipped with grills and tables for visitors.

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There are hiking routes throughout the park that wind their way through forested regions and along creek beds.

Hiking on the outermost loop of trails is around three miles in length, but you can combine various paths to extend your trek for as long as you wish.

Visit this page for a comprehensive guide to French Park.

Mt. Airy Forest

Address: 5083 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223 (Mt. Airy)

Mt. Airy Park, which encompasses more than 1,400 acres in total, is the largest in the entire city of Cincinnati. It features several miles of hiking trails, mountain biking trails, an enclosed dog park, and one of the area’s greatest 18-hole disc golf courses, among other amenities. There are also various picnic and shelter spots and charcoal grills, and swing sets throughout the park.

Otto Armleder Park

Address: 5057 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227 (Linwood)

Otto Armleder Park, located on the east side of the city in Linwood, is a 238-acre park with hiking paths, a bike path, a playground area, shelters, and various soccer fields, among other amenities. Additionally, one of the city’s most popular dog parks is conveniently placed close to the building. You may take a walk, run, ride your bike, or enjoy the outdoors with your dog in this park, which is ideal for all of these activities.

Sharon Woods

Address: 11450 Lebanon Rd, Sharonville, OH 45241 (Sharonville)

With its total land area of about 730 acres, Sharon Woods is one of our favorite parks in the city. There are several play areas for children, several paved walking trails that wrap around the 25-acre lake in the center of the park, a fitness trail; in this park, which is located in the northern Cincinnati neighborhood of Sharonville, there is a nature walk with a gorge and different spots to sit down and enjoy a picnic or read a book, which is located in the northern Cincinnati neighborhood of Sharonville.

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If the weather permits, guests can rent pedal boats and pontoon boats from the park’s boathouse, located on the lake itself.

For a comprehensive guide to Sharon Woods, click here.

Smale Riverfront Park

Address: 166 W Mehring Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Downtown)

It’s located directly along the Ohio River in Downtown Cincinnati, and it’s a beautiful park that includes a playground area with climbing walls and slides for children, a walking trail with swinging benches that provide scenic views of the Ohio River, as well as plenty of open green space to relax and enjoy the warm weather.

Woodland Mound

Location: 8250 Old Kellogg Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45255 (Cherry Grove)

Woodland Mound Park, which has 1,066 acres and is located on the east side of the city along the Ohio River, is a large recreational area. The Park offers spectacular views of the Ohio River from the Breezy Point Pavilion, has one of the city’s best 18-hole disc golf courses. The park also has various picnic spots, a Wetland Adventure playground with a snack bar for families, and several nature hiking trails and concrete walking routes.

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