East Loveland Nature Preserve – A Complete and Comprehensive Guide!

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The fact that there is a wonderfully serene and quiet nature preserve just a short walk away from Downtown Loveland surprises most people.

East Loveland Nature Preserve is a densely forested region with several hiking routes, benches, a bird blind, a tranquil brook, and plenty of picturesque views.

The area is accessible through a short bridge connected to a run-down parking lot at 343 E. Loveland Avenue.

Even though the area is available to the public, it is rarely busy because most people are unaware of its presence.


Entrance to the East Loveland Nature Preserve

The bridge covers a beautiful river that weaves its way through the preserve and may be reached from several spots along the trails. This is a terrific location to take your dog to splash around on a hot summer day.

East Loveland Nature Preserve has a creek that runs through it.

You can either turn left or right on a dirt trail that circles the preserve once you’ve crossed the bridge.

East Loveland Nature Preserve in Loveland, Ohio, has a hiking route.

You’ll notice various little signs along the route that provide information about the different types of trees in the area, descriptions of the various plants, and a history of the land as you go along the trail.

Along the walk, you’ll also see various wooden benches where you may sit and take in the scenery.

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A bird blind, about half a mile from the entrance, is a wooden structure with tiny windows carved into the wood where you may perform some discreet bird watching.

As you continue along the trail, you’ll come across multiple opportunities to pause and admire the O’Bannon Creek, which runs through the area.

The creek continues to join the Little Miami River, which eventually links up with the Ohio River, which then flows into the Mississippi, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, as the sign in the top picture explains.

“The water you see today is merely beginning a very long trip,” the sign says.

You’ll note how peaceful the environment becomes as you travel along the trails. Almost all traffic and city sounds are blocked off by the lush forest and flora, complemented by the rushing creek.

It just takes a few minutes to feel as if you’ve stepped into another world.

Whether you want to go hiking, bird watching, or relax and enjoy nature; East Loveland Nature Preserve is the ideal location for all of these activities.

Explore Loveland Nature Trail

The Loveland Nature Trail is a 1.3 mile long loop Loveland trail that winds around the preserve, taking visitors through woodlands full of oak woodchucks and leafy maples as well as wetlands filled with frogs and beavers.

Along the path, visitors will also find beautiful wildflowers such as goldenrod and lilies, as well as various birds such as ducks and geese. The path itself is easy to follow with informative signs posted at each intersection that explain what kind of animal or plant you can expect to see in each section of the trail.

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East Loveland Nature Preserve is Worth Visiting

East Loveland Nature Preserve is located at 343 E. Loveland Avenue in Loveland, Ohio 45140.

The preserve is open to the public year-round, from dawn to sunset, every day of the week. There are many parking spots in the park’s parking lot, which is connected to the park’s entrance.

Bring appropriate footwear if you visit after a rainy day because the trails may become muddy.

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