The 4 Best Places to Play Sand Volleyball in Cincinnati

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During the summer, sand volleyball is one of the most enjoyable sports to play outside. It’s a fantastic way to get some exercise, enjoy some sunshine, and spend time with friends all at the same time.

Fortunately for us Cincinnatians, there are several great places to play sand volleyball in the city, whether casually or competitively.

This article will go over the top 5 sand volleyball spots in Cincinnati.

Map of Places

The following map depicts the locations of all of the locations mentioned in this article:

Fifty West Brewing Company

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Fifty West Brewing Company, a brewery located along US Route 50 that offers six outdoor volleyball courts and leagues in the spring, summer, and fall, is one of the most outstanding venues to play sand volleyball in Cincinnati. There are both 4v4 and 6v6 leagues, both of which are co-ed. On Monday through Thursday evenings, games are held from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., and beer bucket specials are available.

Address: 7668 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227

Website Address: Fifty West Brewing Company

Cincinnati Sand Volleyball Club

On the far east side of Cincinnati, near the gorgeous Little Miami River in Milford, Cincinnati Sand Volleyball Club is another fantastic site to play. They have leagues for both kids and adults during the spring, summer, and fall. Seven outdoor sand courts, a Sand Cafe, and a Pro Shop are available.

Address: 837 US-50, Milford, OH 45150

Website Address: Cincinnati Sand Volleyball Club

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Grand Sands Volleyball

Grand Sands Volleyball, located in Loveland on the city’s northeast edge, has unique seven indoor and seven outdoor sand volleyball courts. A full-service restaurant, a well-stocked bar, and plenty of outdoor patio and dining areas are also available. Every day of the week save Saturday, Grand Sands hosts leagues all year. For more information on pricing and timetables, see their website.

Address: 10750 Loveland Madeira Rd, Loveland, OH 45140

Website Address: Grand Sands Volleyball

Setters Cincy Indoor and Outdoor Beach Volleyball

Last but not least, there’s Setters Cincy, which has nine indoor and outdoor volleyball courts. Setters hosts sand volleyball leagues all year long, ranging from 2v2 to 4v4 to Co-Ed 6v6s, so no matter how competitive you are, you’ll find a company to suit you. Setters also offers a few “Tiki Bars”, where you can get beer discounts and pizzas before or after your game.

Address: 4005 Hopper Hill Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45255

Website Address: Setters Cincy Indoor and Outdoor Beach Volleyball

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