French Park – One of the Best Hiking Spots in Cincinnati!

Laura Williams

In Amberley Village, French Park is referred to as one of the city’s most underappreciated and overlooked parks, and it deserves to be more widely known.

Following Herbert Greer French’s death in 1942, he bequeathed the land that would become this 275-acre park to the Cincinnati Park Board. The Park was originally part of his estate.

In addition to a massive two-story brick house known as The French House, the park contains various hiking trails as well as a picnic shelter with grills and tables.

Only one visit to this park will allow you to comprehend why it is one of Cincinnati’s hidden gems:

The French House

The French House, a two-story brick structure in the park’s heart, is a popular destination for visitors.

It was originally constructed in the 1900s but has since undergone numerous renovations and is now a popular venue for private functions, including weddings.

Tents, tables, and chairs are available for rent at the park, making it as simple as possible to host one of the memorable events of your life at this historic site.

Trails for Hiking

The real reason that French Park is one of the most underappreciated parks in all of Cincinnati is because of the park’s extensive network of scenic hiking trails that weave through forested areas and along creek beds throughout the park.

It takes about three miles to hike around the outermost loop of trails, but you can combine several trails to extend your hike as long as you want.

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Detailed satellite imagery of the park can be seen below. Those small grey lines represent paths. Take note of the large hiking loop that runs around the park’s perimeter, as well as the numerous smaller trails that wind their way through the park.

Almost all of the camping sites are easily accessible from the parking lots, and it only takes a few minutes to walk down any of the paths before you begin to feel as though you have entered another world.

Walking over the small stream that runs through the park is made easier by several wooden bridges located along the trails.

A variety of terrains, including steppingstones and wooden steps, can be found on the trails, which include the following:

In addition, the creek that runs through the park provides several opportunities to stop and take in the tranquil flow of the water’s gentle current.

The majority of the trails are also clearly marked and labeled, so even though you may feel as though you are waking deep in the forest in some places, you should never feel like you are getting lost in the forest.

Other Amenities

Besides the numerous hiking trails, French Park also features a picnic shelter with tables and grills, an ideal place for hosting a small get-together or event with friends and family.

A swing set, a volleyball net, and plenty of open space are available for running around with children or pets right outside the picnic shelter.

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French Park is a must-see destination.

However, you look at it; French Park is a true gem among Cincinnati’s parks and one that is well worth a visit no matter how you look at it.

To visit the park, located at 3012 Section Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45237, or to find out more about it, including upcoming events, go to Cincinnati Parks

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