What distinguishes a truly superb restaurant?

Is it because of the food?

What about the beverages?

What about the service?

What about the atmosphere?

It’s most likely a combination of these variables. Fortunately, there are various eateries in the Covington neighborhood of northern Kentucky that meet all of these criteria.

This article will discuss the top restaurants in Covington, Kentucky.

Restaurants On a Map

The locations of all of the restaurants discussed in this post are shown on the map below:


Otto’s is one of the most well-known places for amazing meals and good service. Shrimp & grits, fried green tomatoes, and the double prime burger are some of our favorite things to order here, largely American meals. They also serve large amounts, so expect to take some of your dinner home in a to-go box.

Website Address: Otto’s

Kung Food Amerasia

Kung Food Amerasia, another wonderful restaurant in Covington that residents well praise, is known for its rich and flavorful Taiwanese cuisine. The ambiance is relaxed, the service is outstanding, and the cuisine is consistently superb. The Mongolian beef and the house-made soup are two of our favorite dishes here.

Website Address: Amerasia


Coppin’s, located at Hotel Covington, is a place that transports you to a much larger city like Chicago or Manhattan. This is one of the most sophisticated locations to eat dinner in Covington, known for largely American meals. The pork burger is our favorite dish here.

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Website Address: Coppin’s

Agave & Rye

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Agave & Rye is where to go in Covington if you’re seeking tacos. In a chill ambiance, this modern restaurant serves a variety of tacos paired with great (and powerful) margaritas. They serve both street tacos and “epic” tacos, famed for their large portions. Salsa and queso are also excellent side dishes.

Website Address: Agave & Rye

Frida 602

Frida 602 is another great Mexican restaurant in Covington. Frida is a neighborhood favorite that’s regularly busy on weekends, thanks to their quick and courteous service, attractive environment, and tasty Mexican food. One of our favorite dishes is any of the quesadillas on the menu, paired with a passion fruit margarita.

Website Address: Frida


Wunderbar is the best place in Covington (and the entire Cincinnati area) to experience authentic German cuisine, thanks to their handmade sausages and artisan brews. During the warmer months, they even offer a rear patio where you may enjoy some food and drinks. Live music and karaoke are frequently available on weekends, adding to the delightful experience.

Website Address: Wunderbar

The Gruff

The Gruff, known for its great pizzas, sandwiches, and craft beer, is Covington’s favorite lunch and supper destination. Any of the brick oven-type pizzas, as well as the fried pig loin sandwich, are among our favorites.

Website Address: The Gruff


Bouquet is a modest bistro-style restaurant in Covington that serves up one of the most diverse menus you’ll find anywhere. Pork chops, short ribs, maple leaf farm duck, braised carrots, a wagyu burger, and a selection of house salads are among the menu items. The service is great, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Although the dishes can be pricy, most people believe that the quality of the food and the service justify the costs.

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Website Address: Bouquet

Libby’s Southern Comfort

Libby’s Southern Comfort, known for its wonderful cuisine and creative beverages, serves Southern comfort food such as chicken, turkey, oysters, shrimp and grits, and frenched pork chop. Our favorite dish is fried chicken with biscuits and mac ‘n cheese on the side, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Website Address: Libby’s Southern Comfort