The Top Pizza Restaurants in Cincinnati

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Whether you prefer Detroit-style pizza, Chicago-style pizza, Sicilian-style pizza, or something else entirely, Cincinnati boasts many beautiful restaurants where you can sample each of these pizza varieties while sipping a drink in a welcoming environment.

However, with so many pizza parlors spread over the city, it is difficult to tell which ones are worth visiting. We’ve done the hard job of reducing it down to the best for you.

We have compiled a list of the top pizza joints in Cincinnati.

Places on the Map

The map below depicts the locations of all of the places mentioned in this article:

It is worth noting that some places have several locations. On the map, each one is shown.


Taglio, located in Columbia-Tusculum on Cincinnati’s east side, serves possibly the most excellent Detroit-style pizza in the city. The tastes are bold, the sauces are delectable, the service is kind, and there’s even an outside seating area famous in the summer. Be aware that this pizza business is more Fipricey than most, although the quality frequently justifies the price.

Address: 3531 Columbia Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Website Address: Taglio

Fireside Pizza

Fireside Pizza, located in Walnut Hills, is recognized for its handcrafted brews and excellent wood-fired pizza. The interior of this establishment is likewise unique, with a lot of artwork on the walls and a warm atmosphere. Plus, the pizzas are cooked promptly, and the pricing is reasonable.

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Address: 773 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Website Address: Fireside Pizza

Strong’s Brick Oven Pizzeria

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Strong’s, located over the Ohio River in Newport, KY, serves Cincinnati’s best brick oven pizza. This pizza joint is known for its thin crust and excellent sauces, and it’s a spot you’re sure to appreciate. Plus, the welcoming ambiance, helpful personnel, and local craft brews make the experience even better.

Address: 336 Monmouth St, Newport, KY 41071

Website Address: Strong’s Brick Oven Pizzeria


Adriatico’s is a pizza business on the University of Cincinnati campus that serves a range of great Sicilian-style pizzas, as well as wings and sandwiches. The sauces can be a little spicy, but they taste fantastic. This is a popular hangout for local college students and young professionals looking for a bite to eat after work.

Address: 113 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Website Address: Adriatico’s

Dewey’s Pizza

Dewey’s is one of Cincinnati’s most famous pizza joints, and with many locations throughout the city, it’s easy to see why. They’re well-known for both their excellent meals and excellent service. The Don Corleone, a meat lover’s pizza topped with pepperoni, ham, and salami, is our personal favorite, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Address: Multiple locations

Website Address: Dewey’s Pizza

The Works

The Works is a famous pizza joint in Loveland that stands along the Loveland Bike Trail and serves a variety of pizza tastes that may be consumed indoors, on a patio, or even in an old train attached to the building’s side. Despite being a popular dining destination among residents, this is one of the city’s largest pizza shops, with plenty of seating even when it’s packed.

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Address: 20 Grear Millitzer Pl, Loveland, OH 45140

Website Address: The Works

Trotta’s Pizza & Drive-Thru

Trotta’s, located in Westwood on the city’s west side, serves some of the city’s most highly acclaimed pizza. This place may appear to be a modest drive-thru, but don’t be fooled: their customer service and pizzas are both excellent. You’ll be amazed that such a modest, unassuming drive-thru can serve such amazing pizza after just one visit.

Address: 3501 Werk Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248

Website Address: Trotta’s Pizza

Ramundo’s Pizzeria

it is located in Mt. Lookout (primarily a carryout shop), and another in Mt. Washington is another excellent place to grab a pizza (offers more dine-in options). Many locals think that Ramundo’s serves the best pizza not just in Cincinnati, but in all of Ohio, because of its thin-crust pizza with delicious sauces and inexpensive rates. It is your choice to attend or not.

Address: Locations in Mt. Lookout and Mt. Washington

Website Address: Ramundo’s Pizzeria

Goodfellas Pizzeria

Last but not least, Goodfellas Pizzeria in Cincinnati is another excellent place to get a whole pizza or just a piece. Goodfellas has several sites throughout the city, but they are all known for serving amazing pizzas and a variety of beers and bourbons in warm and pleasant environs.

Address: Various locations around Cincinnati

Website Address: Goodfellas Pizzeria

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