Top Ten Best Ice Cream Spots in Cincinnati!

Laura Williams

It is no longer a secret that Cincinnati features a plethora of ice cream parlors. The Queen City has it all, from national chains like Graeter’s Ice Cream to locally owned businesses like Aglamesis Bro’s.

We chose to select the top 10 ice cream businesses in Cincinnati because it’s difficult to suggest just one. The list below highlights each shop’s name and location, as well as why it’s so amazing.

Cincinnati’s Top 10 Ice Cream Parlors

10. The Lil Goodie Shoppe 

Address: 7120 Eagle Creek Rd. (Miamitown)

The Li’l Goodie Shoppe might have taken first place if this list had been ranked by best name. Even though it isn’t at the top of our list, it’s still a great place to stop for a cone, malt, shake, or sundae.

To understand why the shop is so popular, look no further than the mission statement:

Pappy began with a dream and a burning desire to offer soft-serve ice cream. Bob and Bette Anderson launched the first ice cream shop in 1982 with nothing but a dream. They made that fantasy a reality, and we still can’t get enough of that sweet, creamy substance three generations later. With ongoing hard effort, cleanliness, and the best soft serve around; we hope to respect their beginnings. Our tale can only come to life because of the clients we serve each season. We also refer to you as a family. Thank you very much!

9. Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar

Address: 7840 Hamilton Ave (Mt. Healthy)

Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar, at number 9, features a little bit of everything – cones, flurries, slushies, sundaes, and more. The quantities are huge, and the tastes are rich. You will struggle to find another shop with as much outdoor seating as this one, so get a cone and sit outdoors on one of the many wooden chairs.

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8. Simply Rolled Ice Cream

Address: 32 W 12th St (Over-the-Rhine)

Simply Rolled Ice Cream from Over-the-Rhine is the next stop on our list. This business offers a huge variety of tastes and toppings, from toasted marshmallows to caramel pretzels, which explains why it’s a local favorite.

But it is the fact that they produce ice cream rolls, which they serve in cups and platters, that really sets this place distinct.

As stated on their website:

Simply Rolled Ice Cream was founded in 2016 at pop-up events across Ohio, drawing inspiration from Thai street vendors. We make ice cream rolls to order, which are both entertaining to watch and delightful to eat. You can always get our freshest ice cream. It is never frozen till it turns into lovely ice cream rolls right in front of your eyes!

7. Mt. Washington Creamy Whip

Address: 2069 Beechmont Ave (Mt. Washington)

Mt. Washington Creamy Whip is number 7 on our list. It is a small store, but it is a force to be reckoned with. This place has something sugary and tasty for the entire family, whether you are looking for a cone, a slushie, or some freshly baked cookies.

Customers are much attracted to the store’s classic ambiance, which urges them to sit and stay awhile. While enjoying your cone, make sure to look over all of the historical photos hanging on the walls.

6. Pendleton Parlor

Address: 1218 Broadway St (Over-the-Rhine)

Pendleton Parlor, a small parlor in OTR worth visiting just for the interior decor, is next on the list. This shop offers a wide array of delectable treats, including delicious cookie dough, shakes, and malts.

To learn more about how the shop got established, watch the video below, which features owner Nick Ganim and includes a brief shop tour.

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5. Dojo Gelato

Address: 137 Elder St (Over-the-Rhine)

Dojo Gelato, an Italian-style ice cream business in Findlay Market, is number five on the list. This shop is known for its smooth, creamy gelato, which the locals like. Make sure to try their famous Vietnamese Coffee flavor when you visit.

According to their website, here’s what makes Dojo Gelato so special:

Based on the traditional definition, a dojo is a venue where people practice a method in the quest for perfection. Dojo Gelato handcrafts delicious gelati and sorbetti from scratch every day in our kitchen. Our objective has been to make the most distinctive Italian-style ice creams and coffees for you since we opened our first cafe location in 2009. Dojo Gelato has stores in Findlay Market and Northside and a mobile gelato truck and cart that travels across the Tri-State area.

4. Graeter’s Ice Cream

Outlets: Various locations all around the Cincinnati area

This list would be incomplete if it didn’t include Graeter’s Ice Cream, which has several locations in the Cincinnati area. Graeter’s offers a bit of everything with a huge choice of flavors and toppings, from cones to shakes, sundaes, and malts.

Their ice cream is rich and velvety, just like their history: Louis Graeter, a young man from Cincinnati, Ohio, traveled to the city in 1868 to sell ice cream at neighborhood street markets. In the 150 years since then, Graeter’s has grown to become a well-known brand throughout southwest Ohio, and it is still one of the city’s most popular places to stop and buy a cone.

3. Hello Honey

Address: 633 Vine Street (Downtown)

Hello Honey, which has been manufacturing fresh ice cream and other treats from scratch in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati since 2012, comes in at number three on the list. The business itself is simple and plain, but the ice cream is exceptional.

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Exotic flavors like Thai coconut milk and more classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate are available on the menu. Stop by this hidden gem for a cone or a dish if you are in the downtown area. You will never be unhappy with your purchase!

2. Milk Jar Cafe

Address: 3880 Paxton Ave (Hyde Park)

Milk Jar Cafe, which serves bubble tea, cereal, and rolled ice cream, is ranked second on our list. The considerable amount of tastes and combinations offered on the menu can be intimidating for newbies, but this is only a testament to the range of alternatives available.

The richness and creaminess of each Milk Jar Cafe taste are practically impossible to match. But do not just take my word for it; give it a shot.

“Do not think, GET IT,” their slogan states on their website. 

1. Aglamesis Bro’s

Address: 3046 Madison Road (Oakley) & 9899 Montgomery Road (Montgomery)

The number one shop on the list, Aglamesis Bro’s, which has two locations in Cincinnati — one in Oakley and one in Montgomery – will come as no surprise to anyone from Cincinnati.

The shop was established in the early 1900s in Norwood, Cincinnati, by brothers Thomas and Nicholas Aglamesis. Their ice cream has become well-known throughout Queen City due to its high quality over the years.

Check out the video below to learn more about the shop’s history and get an inside view of the shop.

Finding the Top 10 Ice Cream Shops

The locations of each of the ten ice cream businesses listed above are shown on the map below.

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