Chicken Wings in Cincinnati – 10 Worth Visiting Places!

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Chicken wings are a fantastic dinner for nearly any event, whether it is a Sunday afternoon during football season, a relaxing evening, or a lunch break at work.

Fortunately, Cincinnati has several fantastic options for wings of many kinds. 

Best of all, these hotspots are not limited to one area of the town; you can find delicious wings in various communities throughout Cincinnati.

We have created a list of the top ten spots in Queen City famous for their delicious chicken wings.


The ten places mentioned in this post have been shown on the map below.

Wild Mike’s

Wild Mike's - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Wild Mike’s – Photo Source

Any Cincinnatian who is asked to make a list of the top places to get wings in the city will undoubtedly include Wild Mike’s. 

Wild Mike’s has three points on the west side of Cincinnati, all of which serve some of the city’s best wings.

Location: Various spots

Website Address: Wild Mike’s 

Oakley Pub & Grill

The Oakley Pub & Grill, one of Oakley’s best-known restaurants, is next on our list. While they have burgers, nachos, and other typical bar food on the menu, their chicken wings are out of this world. 

When you visit, be sure to taste their buffalo chicken dip.

Location: 3924 Isabella Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45209 

Website Address: Oakley Pub & Grill

Northside Yacht Club 

The next stop is Northside Yacht Club, a bar and restaurant in Northside that serves some of Cincinnati’s best-smoked wings. On Wednesday evenings, they offer half-price wings, so be sure to make a visit there.

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Location: 4231 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223 

Website Address: Northside Yacht Club

Knockback Nats

Knockback Nat’s, a dive bar situated downtown that is often bustling on Sunday game days, is the next stop on our list for some of Cincinnati’s best wings. 

Their smoked wings are, without a doubt, some of the most savory and delectable you will discover in Queen City.

Location: 10 West 7th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Knockback Nats

The Oak Tavern 

The Oak Tavern, situated in Oakley’s trendy district, is another place where you can get wonderful smoked wings and a unique assortment of sauces to go with them.

Location: 3089 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209 

Website Address: The Oak Tavern

Mt. Lookout Tavern

Mt. Lookout Tavern, on Cincinnati’s east side, is another wonderful place to buy chicken wings. Their smoked wings are among the greatest in Queen City.

Location: Cincinnati, OH 45226 (3209 Linwood Ave)

Website Address: Mt. Lookout Tavern


The Pony, a bar and grill in the center of OTR with a fantastic selection of friend and tossed wings, is next on our list. The Pony is known for its ample sauces, so you will always leave feeling satisfied.

Location: 1346 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: The Pony

Kitty’s Sports Grill 

Kitty’s Sports Grill, which is known for being a Cincinnati Bengals-centric hangout, is another wonderful place to obtain high-quality chicken wings. Come here on a Sunday during football season, and you’ll notice how busy this restaurant is, thanks to the ambiance as well as the delicious wings.

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Location: 218 W 3rd Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website: Kitty’s Sports Grill

Pontiac BBQ

Pontiac BBQ, a modest eatery in the Queen City’s Over-The-Rhine area, offers a unique great look at a popular Midwest style of cooking. Their smoked wings are flavorful, and despite the fact that Pontiac only serves one sauce, most customers don’t complain because it is that wonderful.

Location: 1403 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address:  Pontiac BBQ

O’Bryon’s Bar & Grill

O’Bryon’s Bar & Grill is last but not least on our list of the finest locations to eat chicken wings in Cincinnati. Many people in Cincinnati call O’Bryon’s the “greatest sports bar and chicken wings in Cincinnati,” and it is simple to understand why. Their smoked wings are fantastic, and their selection of BBQ sauces and bleu ranch dressing are the ideal match for the wings. On game day, this is another location that is always busy.

Location: 1998 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Website Address: O’Bryon’s Bar & Grill 

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