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Discovering good new Music is one of the nicest feelings in the world. While finding new Music on large internet platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and others is exciting, there’s nothing quite like personally discovering some hidden gems.

I’m referring to browsing record stores for vinyl records.

Walking into a store, browsing through records, and discovering something completely new to take home is a thrilling experience. And statistics reveal that vinyl is rapidly regaining popularity. Look at the chart below, which shows vinyl sales by year since the 1970s, courtesy of Digital Music News:

Fortunately for those who live in Cincinnati, there are multiple record stores strewn across the city with rows upon rows of vinyl to peruse.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 record stores in Cincinnati.

Locations of Record Stores

The locations of all of the record shops mentioned in this article are shown on the map below.

Shake It Records

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Shake It Records is first on the list. This shop, which opened in 1978 and has been in its current location since 2001, is located in Northside. They carry some mainstream recordings among their approximately 25,000 vinyls and 15,000 CDs, but they concentrate in independent labels from the well-known to the unknown. This is a must-see location for music aficionados of all kinds.

Address: 4156 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Website Address: Shake It Records

Mole’s Record Exchange

Mole’s Record Exchange, in Clifton, is a record store with a remarkable selection of vinyl and CDs, as well as retro posters and an unusual mix of music memorabilia. It’s easy to lose track of time. Or more combing through the countless albums here and be almost guaranteed of discovering something truly unique.

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Address: 111 Calhoun St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Website Address: Mole’s Record Exchange

Another Part of the Forest

Pendleton’s Another Part of the Forest record shop, just outside of Over-The-Rhine that has the finest name on our list. This shop, which has a wonderful selection of vinyl and CDs, is another place where you may spend well over an hour just browsing the titles before deciding on a record that suits your tastes.

Address: 1333 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Another Part of the Forest

Tarik Records and Smoke

Tarik Records and Smoke, a record store in the center of the trendy Oakley district, has a vast collection of vinyl and CDs in practically every genre imaginable. They even have a $1 album section where you can get a number of various records for a very low price. Once you’ve visited this location, you’ll understand why it’s a local favorite.

Address: 4011 Allston St., Cincinnati, OH 45209

Website Address: Tarik Records and Smoke

Black Plastic Records

Black Plastic Records, which has two locations in Bridgetown and Over-The-Rhine, is another superb record store in the Queen City. Both stores have a large collection of vinyl and CDs, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy at one of them.

Address: Locations in both Bridgetown and Over-The-Rhine

Website Address: Black Plastic Records

Everybody’s Records

Next on our list is Everybody’s Records, a Pleasant Ridge-based independent record store that has been in business since 1978. The shop specializes in used records and cassette tapes, which it buys, sells, and trades. The narrative has something for everyone with a large collection of recordings spanning genres such as rap, rock, soul, jazz, reggae, blues, hardcore, country, gospel, and more.

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Address: 6106 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45213

Website Address: Everybody’s Records

Herzog Music

Herzog Music, located in Downtown Cincinnati, is next on the list. Although this isn’t solely a record store (they also sell guitars and other music gear), they have a huge selection of albums to choose from, and it’s a fun place to roam about in and converse with the knowledgeable and knowledgeable friendly staff.

Address: 811 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Website Address: Herzog Music

Torn Light Records

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Torn Light Records is the next stop on our tour. This establishment, located in the Clifton Gaslight District, is a local favorite for music fans. This is an awesome spot to stop for some hidden music gems, including vinyls and CDs in a range of genres.

Address: 356 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220

Website Address: Torn Light Records

Jet Age Records

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Next up is Jet Age Records in Newport, Kentucky, which is located across the Ohio River. This is another fantastic record store to visit, with rows upon rows of vinyls from a range of genres, as well as a large number of interesting and retro music posters.

Address: 817 Monmouth St, Newport, KY 41071

Website Address: Jet Age Records

Plaid Room Records

Plain Room Records, one of Cincinnati’s top record stores, is located in Loveland. Almost every record you’re looking for may be found here, and if you can’t, ask the courteous owners for assistance. If they can’t find it, they’ll even offer to order it for you over the internet. This location is simply exceptional.

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Address: 122 W Loveland Ave, Loveland, OH 45140

Website Address: Plaid Room Records

Hail Dark Aesthetics

Hail Dark Aesthetics is the last but not least on our list. This shop, located across the Ohio River in Covington, Kentucky, is one of the most distinctively decorated stores you’ll ever see. The interior is decorated with oddities and artifacts, as well as a large range of vinyl records. Come for the unusual ambiance and stay for the outstanding record selection.

Address: 720 Main St, Covington, KY 41011

WebsiteAddress: Hail Dark Aesthetics

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