Cincinnati’s Top 8 Tattoo Shops!

Laura Williams

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Choosing a tattoo shop and an individual artist is crucial, regardless of whether this will be your first tattoo or whether you are a seasoned pro in body modification.

The good news is that Queen City and its surrounding areas are home to several unique tattoo shops where you can get expert work done.

We have done the legwork for you and compiled a list of Cincinnati’s top tattoo parlors here.

Map of Tattoo Shops

The locations of all of the tattoo shops discussed in this piece are shown on the map that follows:

White Whale Tattoo

White Whale Tattoo - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
White Whale Tattoo – Photo Source

White Whale Tattoo, which can be found in Walnut Hills, is widely considered among the most reputable tattoo parlors in the entire city.

White Whale provides some of the best tattoo services you can discover in Cincinnati at affordable pricing. With an excellent team of artists that focuses on woodcut, linework, alla prima, pointillism, and blackwork, White Whale cane provide this experience in the best possible manner.

Website Address: White Whale Tattoo

Designs By Dana

Designs By Dana, which has been in business in Cincinnati since the 1970s and is well known in the community of local tattoo artists, is located in the Northside neighborhood.

This establishment, which a family runs, is renowned for providing exceptional tattooing services and specializing in various styles.

If you are interested in seeing some of their most recent work, please check out their Instagram feed.

Website Address: Designs By Dana

Barber’s Electric Tattoo

Barber’s Electric Tattoo, which can be found in Oakley, is another fantastic location to get a tattoo.

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Barber’s Electric is a destination that cannot be missed for anyone interested in getting a tattoo because of the superior craftsmanship, welcoming atmosphere, and speedy service it provides.

Website Address: Barber’s Electric Tattoo

Flying Tiger Tattoo

Flying Tiger Tattoo, which can be found in Pleasant Ridge, is home to several tattoo artists who have earned a reputation for doing clean and professional work.

Since the business is only open by appointment, feel free to send them an email or give them a call to schedule a time and date for your next tattoo.

Website Address: Flying Tiger Tattoo

Mothers Tattoo

Mothers Tattoo, which can be found in Covington, is known for being one of the tattoo shops in Cincinnati and the entire midwestern region with the greatest quality work.

Because the shop has such an excellent reputation, they are frequently booked solid for weeks or even months; therefore, you must phone in advance to schedule an appointment.

Website Address: Mothers Tattoo

Skincraft Tattoo

Skincraft Tattoo, which can be found in Northside, is another top-tier tattoo parlor renowned for providing service that is not just clean but also prompt and competent.

Since the store is only open for scheduled appointments, you are more than welcome to get in touch with the staff in advance to discuss the design of your next tattoo.

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Website Address: Skincraft Tattoo

Asylum Tattoo

Asylum Tattoo - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Asylum Tattoo – Photo Source

Asylum, which has its headquarters in Latonia, Kentucky, is widely considered to be among the most reputable tattoo parlors in the greater Cincinnati area.

Asylum is an excellent location for acquiring a new tattoo or having an old tattoo touched up because the staff there has several decades of combined experience.

Website Address: Asylum Tattoo

Nightshade Ink

Nightshade Ink is a bespoke tattoo shop that provides its customers with high-quality services in a welcoming atmosphere. The shop can be found in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati.

Website: Nightshade Ink

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