Trammel Fossil Park – A Real Gem in Cincinnati’s Center

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Trammel Fossil Park, located in the northern Cincinnati district of Sharonville, is a 10-acre park that contains a fossil-rich hillside and an unspoiled natural woodland that is available to the public and free to explore for anyone who wants to go treasure hunting.

The R.L. Trammel family made a generous donation to the park in late 2003. When Mr. R.L. Trammel approached the city of Sharonville about giving a 10-acre portion of land, the town was more than delighted to accept his offer. Mr. Trammel had been a developer in Sharonville for more than 40 years, and the city of Sharonville was more than happy to accept his offer.

Today, the park is a one-of-a-kind location where visitors may dig for fossils and learn a little bit about geology and history.

You may learn more about the fossils found in the hillside and a little bit about geological history by visiting a small section of the park marked with educational signage.

Visitors are also permitted to gather fossils from the site, according to the signs. However, they are asked to “just take a representative sample and leave specimens for others to observe and collect.”

The hillside region, which is deeply connected with soil and stones, is the most popular spot to dig for fossils because it is the most accessible. Although not required, we recommend that you wear athletic shoes because the hill is steep, and there may be some jagged pebbles in various locations.

You are welcome to bring your digging equipment and a bucket in order to collect some samples, as the park does not supply these items for visitors to use.

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The signs that have been placed around the hillside, indicating the types of fossils that can be found in each specific site, are also very important to pay attention to.

Trammel Fossil Park is Worth Visiting

This fossil park is located at 11935 Tramway Dr, Sharonville, OH 45241, and it is open every day of the week except Sunday. It’s near the end of a street that’s largely made up of commercial and industrial buildings, so it’s easy to miss.

The Park is available every day of the year from dawn to dark and is entirely free to the general public. It is open to everyone.

Because of the large parking lot, obtaining a parking spot is rarely a problem here.

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