The Most Walkable Cincinnati Neighborhood Ranking

Laura Williams

It is widely known that walking is beneficial to one’s health and well-being. Walking has the following advantages to our body, according to the BetterHealth channel:

  • Enhanced Cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness (heart and lungs)
  • A lower chance of heart disease and stroke
  • Joint and muscle stiffness or discomfort, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, and diabetes can all be better managed.
  • Stronger bones and a better balance
  • Improved muscle strength and endurance have improved
  • A decrease in body fat

Walking has several psychological advantages in addition to physical health advantages. Based on a recent study, it has been concluded that the more people walk each day, the more energized and happier they feel.

Start walking to destinations instead of driving. This is perhaps the simplest approach to include more walking into your daily life. It is a lot easier to get your steps in if you reside in an area where the grocery store, coffee shops, parks, library, and other locations are easily accessible by walk.

Some neighborhoods in Cincinnati are significantly more walkable than others. Walk Score, a website that assesses the walkability of communities on a scale of 0-100 to represent how feasibly you can walk to adjacent facilities, can determine how different walkable neighborhoods are.

The following is how Walk Score characterizes their results:

The Most Walkable Cincinnati Neighborhood Ranking Walk Score Categories

Let’s see how walkable different Cincinnati neighborhoods are using this information.

Cincinnati’s Neighborhoods: How Walkable Are They?

It is no surprise that the areas with the greatest walk scores are in downtown Cincinnati, but those on the city’s outskirts have lower walk scores because walking to places like grocery stores, libraries, and other services is considerably more difficult.

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Outside of downtown, however, there are pockets of highly walkable neighborhoods such as Hyde Park, Oakley, and Madisonville, which are intriguing to see.

To see how walkable different areas of Cincinnati are, we may look at the Walk Scores for 47 other neighborhoods across the city:

RankNameWalk ScorePopulation
2Central Business District935,586
3West End816,521
4Mount Auburn804,994
7The Heights729,845
8Walnut Hills716,663
11Mount Adams611,703
13Camp Washington571,367
14East Walnut HIlls573,594
15Hyde Park5612,457
16East Price Hill5512,648
20Pleasant Ridge529,012
22Bond Hill528,028
24West Price Hill4519,504
26South Cumminsville421,288
27Lower Price Hill42618
28Mount Lookout416,082
29Kennedy Heights415,361
30College Hill4014,237
32Winton Place392,185
34Mount Washington3611,559
35North Avondale356,811
36East End35712
37Paddock Hills321,814
38South Fairmont313,335
41English Woods27604
42Mount Airy238,951
43North Fairmount231,209
44East Westwood224,816
45Sayler Park213,170
46Winton Hills215,322

These Walk Scores are visually represented in the chart below:

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The Most Walkable Cincinnati Neighborhood Ranking Walk Scores

The following graph displays the walk score in relation to the size of each neighborhood’s population:

The Most Walkable Cincinnati Neighborhood Ranking Walk Score vs. Population

It is interesting to observe that population size and walk Score do not have much of a correlation. The size of the community does not matter while determining whether it is walkable.

Getting a Closer Look at the Highly Walkable Communities

According to Walk Score, Only eight of the 47 neighborhoods in the city qualify as “Walker’s Paradise” or “Very Walkable.”

Walker’s Paradise

A neighborhood that has a Walk Score between 90 to 100 is called a “Walker’s Paradise.”

In Cincinnati, there are just two neighborhoods that fit this criterion:

Very Walkable

A neighborhood that has a Walk Score between 70 to 89 is called a “Walker’s Paradise,” according to Walk Score.

In Cincinnati, six neighborhoods fit this criteria:

Identifying the Most Walkable Communities

The Map below depicts the locations of the eight communities designated as a Walker’s Paradise or Very Walkable: 



In conclusion, incorporating walking into one’s daily routine can have numerous health benefits, and walking to nearby destinations is an easy way to achieve this.

While some neighborhoods in Cincinnati are more walkable than others, there are still pockets of highly walkable areas, such as Hyde Park, Oakley, and Madisonville.

The Walk Score assessment tool provides valuable insights into the walkability of different communities, and it is clear that the size of the population does not determine walkability. Ultimately, by prioritizing walkability, individuals can enjoy a more active and healthier lifestyle while contributing to the creation of more pedestrian-friendly communities.

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