Top Six Bowling Alleys in Cincinnati!

Laura Williams

Cincinnati has a wide range of bowling alleys to pick from, whether you are a casual bowler desiring a fun night out with friends or a serious bowler looking to join a league.

The following is a list of six distinct bowling lanes in Cincinnati that are well worth seeing.

Cincinnati’s Six Best Bowling Alleys

Stone Lanes

Address: 3746 Montgomery Road (Norwood)

Stone Lanes is the first alley on our list, and it is a bowling alley with something for everyone. They include leagues for families, kids, seniors, and specialties, as well as the opportunity to plan birthday parties and other special group activities.

Stone Lanes is undoubtedly one of the most significant locations to visit if you seek a quality place to bowl in Cincinnati, with a wide range of ball selection and beer possibilities.

Madison Bowl

Address: 4761 Madison Road (Oakley)

Madison Bowl, a bowling alley in the trendy community of Oakley, is next on the list. This is the type of location that comes to mind when you think of a bowling alley. It has a nostalgic air to it, with many lanes and a modest beer and food menu.

Madison Bowl features some of the most inexpensive pricing anywhere, in addition to the traditional ambiance. It is no surprise that this location is usually packed on weekends and evenings because it has a wonderful vibe and even better prices. If you get the chance, consider visiting this place!

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The Pin Deck at Scene 75

Address: 876 OH-28 (Milford)

The Pin Deck at Scene 75 is next on the list. Despite not being the largest bowling alley, this 12-lane bowling center is set within the enormous Scene 75 entertainment center and provides a fantastic bowling experience.

You won’t go hungry bowling here because the alley features an extensive menu of craft beverages, gourmet hot dogs, sharing appetizers, and much more to pick from.

Scene 75’s CEO, Jonah Sandler, had this to say about the alley: 

“Bowling today has evolved from 1980s bowling.” However, few people in our neighborhood have had the opportunity to see and feel what bowling is like now. We’re thrilled to introduce one of the region’s first boutique bowling ideas. The Pin Deck will be open for general play as well as special events such as birthday parties, workplace celebrations, and holiday get-togethers.”

Western Bowl

Address: 6383 Glenway Ave (Bridgetown)

The Western Bowl, located in Bridgetown on the west side of Cincinnati, is next.

The interior of this alley has a vintage vibe to it, with tones of yellow, orange, and brown. This establishment has an old-school atmosphere about it, with neon lighting that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.

Western Bowl is undoubtedly the most popular bowling alley on the west side of The Queen City, with cheap beer, good cuisine, and a large selection of 68 lanes.

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Brentwood Bowl (permanently closed)

Address: 9176 Winton Road (Finneytown)

Brentwood Bowl, in Finneytown, is the next alley on our list. This conventional bowling alley, which has 48 lanes and a good beer/food menu, is an excellent place to bowl a few games along with family and friends.

Brentwood Bowl’s variety of leagues, including a senior league, mixed couples league, adult+child league, family league, competitive league, and more, is perhaps its most outstanding feature. This alley is likely to have a great league for you, regardless of your skill level.

Latest Update: Brentwood Bowl is now permanently closed.

Crossgate Lanes 

Address: 4230 Hunt Road (Blue Ash)

Crossgate Lanes, a Blue Ash alley, comes in last on the list. This bowling alley is a fantastic find, with well-kept lanes, custom-painted walls, and an excellent drink/food menu.

Birthday parties and other large group gatherings are a great fit for this alley. In addition, both novices and pros can participate in a variety of leagues. Crossgate Lanes is a great bowling alley that is well worth a visit no matter how you slice it.

Identifying the Top 6 Bowling Alleys

The locations of each of the six bowling alleys listed above are shown on the map below.

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