Plant Lovers – 7 Greenhouses in Cincinnati!

Next on the list is West Hills Greenhouses, a locally owned greenhouse that has been in operation since 1929. This greenhouse, located in the center of Delhi, is one of the lushest and aesthetically beautiful in the city, as you can see the moment you walk in. Garden plants, indoor house plants, succulents, flowers, and other items are available. AJ Rahn Greenhouses is one of the greatest greenhouses in Cincinnati, with an excellent assortment of plants and a professional and courteous staff. This greenhouse, located just outside of College Hill, is extraordinarily huge, and its vast plant collection will astound just about anyone. They specialize in offering healthy houseplants and flowers, selling garden plants. Even if you aren’t looking for fresh plants, this is a fun place to stroll through.


Here is Where to Find the Best Scenic Views of Cincinnati

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of places to get a scenic view of Cincinnati is Mt. Echo Park. This park is the only one on our list located on the west side of Cincinnati, but it’s worth the drive.
The park offers some incredible views of the Ohio River, Northern Kentucky, and pretty much all of Cincinnati out in the distance. With the exception of Devou Park, this might be the best place to get a complete view of the city.

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