The Safest Cincinnati Neighborhoods Based on FBI Data

If you are considering moving to Cincinnati or just relocating within the city, different neighborhoods’ safety and crime ratings may influence your decision.

Fortunately, makes it simple to determine how different safe communities are by awarding a Safety and Crime grade to each community based on FBI crime report data, ranging from A+ (very safe) to F (not safe at all).

We decided to build a list of the ten safest neighborhoods in the Cincinnati metro region using this information.


The Most Walkable Cincinnati Neighborhood Ranking

It is widely known that walking is beneficial to one’s health and well-being. Walking has the following advantages to our body, according to the BetterHealth channel:

Enhanced Cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness (heart and lungs)
A lower chance of heart disease and stroke
Joint and muscle stiffness or discomfort, hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, and diabetes can all be better managed.
Stronger bones and a better balance
Improved muscle strength and endurance have improved
A decrease in body fat

Walking has several psychological advantages in addition to physical health advantages. Based on a recent study, it has been concluded that the more people walk each day, the more energized and happier they feel.

Start walking to destinations instead of driving. This is perhaps the simplest approach to include more walking into your daily life. It is a lot easier to get your steps in if you reside in an area where the grocery store, coffee shops, parks, library, and other locations are easily accessible by walk.

Some neighborhoods in Cincinnati are significantly more walkable than others. Walk Score, a website that assesses the walkability of communities on a scale of 0-100 to represent how feasibly you can walk to adjacent facilities, can determine how different walkable neighborhoods are.

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