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Cincinnati’s Best Hidden Bars & Speakeasies

During the Prohibition era in the 1920s, there was a constitutional restriction on the production, importation, transit, and sale of alcohol across the United States.

As a result, speakeasies, or secret bars, began to spring up everywhere, where people could assemble for live entertainment and alcoholic beverages.

Although the alcohol prohibition is no longer in effect, certain bars remain hidden for the sake of amusement. Several of these types of joints may be found across Cincinnati, in particular.

We’ll show you where to uncover the best secret bars and speakeasies in Queen City in this post.

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Top 13 places to Have a Good Burger in Cincinnati!

Quatman Cafe in Norwood is one of the most understated venues in Cincinnati to enjoy a fantastic burger. Quatman has the feel of a classic old-school diner, with quick and friendly service and great burgers. Zip’s Cafe is next on our list of the top places to get a burger in Queen City. Zip’s, located in the center of Mt. Lookout, is a local favorite for a reason. Their burgers are amazing, the service is excellent, and you’ll almost certainly return after your first visit.

Food and Drinks

Cincinnati’s Top 8 Chinese Restaurants

Fortunate Noodle House, located on the University of Cincinnati campus, is another excellent place to eat Chinese food. Pan-seared noodles, cumin meat, Sichuan chicken, and garlic eggplant are just a few of our faves from their menu of authentic Chinese meals. Many Chinese restaurants in the city, but Fortune’s use of spices and seasonings regularly lifts them above the competition. Whether you’re craving dumplings, sizzling lamb, Dan Dan noodles, fried pork, fried rice, or other Chinese food, Cincinnati offers several excellent Chinese restaurants to choose from.

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