Rebel Mettle – One of the Newest Breweries in Downtown Cincinnati! (permanently closed)

October 4, 2021
Author : Laura Williams
Rebel Mettle - One of the Newest Breweries in Downtown Cincinnati Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash

As of 2022 Rebel Mettle is permanently closed

Its mansions, stores, opera theatre, and proximity to the Ohio River have made West Fourth Street in Downtown Cincinnati famous over the years. Still, it is also noted for its Italianate and Renaissance architectural style and engineering.

It is also well-known for its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, which was made possible by the presence of these well-known characteristics.

With expanded urban living space, shopping opportunities, and, most recently, a new brewery, West Fourth Street in Downtown Cincinnati is becoming increasingly popular for its restoration and reconstruction.

Rebel Mettle is a newcomer to the neighborhood, having moved in 2020. The brewery formally opened its doors on September 12, 2020, establishing its presence in this rapidly developing neighborhood hot spot.

This two-story industrial structure, located near the intersection of West Fourth and Central Avenue, is distinguished by a number of distinctive features.

Upon entering, one is greeted by an open-concept room that is home to cold brews, arcade games, and a pizza lover’s menu, among other things.

Other facilities include garage door windows that can be lifted to connect the inside and outside, an open view of the bar from the second story, proximity to the city’s downtown area and Paul Brown Stadium, and a welcoming atmosphere that is “a place where everyone is welcome.”

Oh! Did we mention that Rebel Mettle is one of the few brewers in the entire city of Downtown, as well? As a result, it fills a void in the Downtown brewery scene, which is a good thing.

When looking at Rebel Mettle, one may witness the brewing and barrel fermentation processes taking place behind the bar.

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Mike Brown, one of the brewery’s founders, stated, “We just want people to feel like they’re a part of the brewery when they walk in.”

Additionally, Mike stated that a portion of the brewers’ distinctive name was inspired by a birthday letter he received from his mother. In which she said that he had been a rebel from the beginning.

Rebel Mettle’s mission statement, which we found very compelling, and which we hope you will find so as well:

“Brewers, Patriots, Scholars, and Believers are among those who call into question the status quo. We’ve wanted to establish a space that celebrates freedom, opportunity, justice, and community since the beginning of our journey together. It is a welcoming environment where everyone is accepted. Unique and bound together by our shared passion for beers, we are establishing our way, challenging the status quo, and channeling the Rebellious Spirit that exists within all of us. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Lagers are three fundamental rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution”.

Welcome to delicious beer, and be sure to check out Rebel Mettle’s website and hours of operation shown below:

Former location:

Address: 412 Central Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Hours: Permanently closed

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